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New PA Lake Trout Record Set

PFBC Press release announced the PA Lake Trout Record has been broken. The fish caught by Young on May 6, while fishing Lake Erie aboard the charter boat Eyecon II, weighed 29-pounds, 4-ounces. Young’s catch exceeds the previous record by 1 pound, 7 ounces. The prior record

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Erie Smallmouth

Payday Loans Wiki getting approved they can Please Help Me Get A Loan Check out the message board, fishing reports for an Erie bass trip by Doug, Nick, and Steve-o, pictured above.,1330.0.html My first effort at a video is coming soon! Will not be Ryan’s quality

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Shenango River Fishing Report 5/4/2012

  all online payday loans           Hit Shenango River Friday afternoon from noon till about 4:30pm. The day was successful again, that is a great fishery because you never know what you are going to catch and for the most part the water levels are

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RF instructional video on how to set minnow traps

                Ryan Ireland with Reel Fish’n goes through the process of setting minnow traps and what bait to use.

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Rory’s back at it: 4-28-12 Horseshoe Beach, FL Offshore Fishing Report

              Huge day on the gulf! Ran out to the AJ hole after catching bait and immediately hooked up. Once we drew them closer to the boat we started throwing topwater plugs. Awesome to see a 30lb AJ flop out of

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PFBC urges residents to submit comments to DEP on Susquehanna River listing

Sick fish. Sick river. The Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) needs your help to save the Susquehanna River and the smallmouth bass fishery that has been plagued by disease. You may have seen the recent news stories and letters to the editor in the Harrisburg Patriot-News describing

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Shenenago River Report 4-27-12

                  Ryan, Doug, Mickey, Ted & Danny set out to fish Shenenago River on 4-27-12. See how the fishing trip went. Video below.

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