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OBX 3.0 Day 2 & Day 3

Fish On aure I say that with ease and care but we did get into some fish. Not like I wanted or hoped but we found some bite. Flounder, Skates and Gar fish were on the end of the lines one point Monday morning. Trent in the

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OBX 3.0 Day 1

Arrival Hello everyone! Finally made it to the southern shores after long travel down. We left Pittsburgh arond 1:00am Saturday morning and didn’t arrive in Nagshead to 11:30AM.  I was hoping to do the drive in around 10hours total but the trip down was full of some

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Annual RF OBX Fishing Trip 3.0

Annual RF OBX Fishing Trip   3.0 OBX 2012 It’s that time of the year again! Summer solstice is upon us and the OBX fishing gods are calling for the RF team to head south. This year a different spin, venue, time set, new faces, but same objective… RIP FISH! The past

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Rock Snot Infestation in PA Waters

What is this gooey mess floating in PA’s Ohiopyle? It’s called “Didymosphenia geminata“, commonly known as “rock snot”. It’s a form of algae that blooms in freshwater streams, with consistently cold tempatures. For years biologists at universities, wildlife organizations and state agencies cautioned against the spread of “rock snot,” the mucous-textured invasive

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Our Mission

Promote fishing through education, awareness and bridge the gap to those being introduced into fishing. We specialize educating children and those in special needs about the great fishery in outdoors.

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