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Monthly archive for May 2013

Boating Season is Upon Us!

With a heat wave taking over the area, fishing should follow suit! Time to get the boats in heavy action, and enjoy the water, sun, and fun. And a few fish of course! Remember life jackets that are not dry rotted, old, or ripped. They save lives!

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Happy Friday – Anyone Fishing This Weekend?

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Happy 30th Birthday Doug

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Not For Me – Kayak On The Move

Kayak Perception Sport I bought this Perception Kayak a few weeks ago and I was really excited about it. I mounted my GoPro mounts on the front and back with high expectations for this craft. Today I took it out for its maden voyage on Cannonsburg Lake just

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KMART picked over Stopped into KMART in Robinson. Shocked to find fishing stuff is mostly picked over.

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Happy Mothers Day

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Friday Quickie Friday afternoon Quickie!  The storms were moving in quick for me and I was out to do a recon trip. Fishing a new spot I found I was caucus with how far I went down stream not knowing my surroundings and a quickly approaching storm I didn’t want to get stuck.  Caught 4

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Abu Garcia Veritas Sling Pack


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New Toy

  bill payments                                           Adding two GOPRO Mounts – on on the front and one on the back.

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PA Fishermen Fish for MILLIONS!

    credit score for loans                     1. REGISTER NOW Participants who register prior to May 1 will have a 3-day advanced notice of fish locations. To be eligible for grand prize anglers must register prior to catching

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Our Mission

Promote fishing through education, awareness and bridge the gap to those being introduced into fishing. We specialize educating children and those in special needs about the great fishery in outdoors.

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