Monthly archive for July 2013

Smallies on the Allegheny

Smallies were hitting last week on the Allegheny on lock 9 in Butler. All the rain we have been having I thought for sure conditions might be on the high side but they weren’t. Lock 9 has the water levels down so they can work on the

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Walleye summer

Erie is a great fishery. Now with warmer temps setting up and some dryer days, summer walleye pattern is setting up in Erie pa. We made a quick fishing trip Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Ted, Andy, nick, and I headed out late Wednesday. Didn’t leave till

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RF Fleet adds a new vessel

find payday lenders     Nineteen years ago a friend of my uncles took me fishing on his Bass boat. As we zipped down the Allegheny River getting to our fishing spot fast (at the time seemed like the speed of light). ¬†From then on I knew

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Raccoon Flood Update

Raccoon State Park took a hard hit this past week. This is a photo from the Swimming Area. If the sludge wasn’t bad enough.

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Our Mission

Promote fishing through education, awareness and bridge the gap to those being introduced into fishing. We specialize educating children and those in special needs about the great fishery in outdoors.

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