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Monthly archive for August 2013

Off to OBX

                Heading to OBX for a week and the weather is looking great. I plan on doing some surf fishing and the weather and all the reports look great. Early reports show Red Fish, Spanish Mackrel are hitting strong around

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Use your Noodle!

  Pound Till Payday           Next time you are about to throw out old noodles from the summer think twice before you decomission this great tool for your boat or tackle box. Old pool noodles make great lure keepers for lures and rigs.

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Pimp those Craws!

                  Many soft plastic crawfish, chunks and creature-type baits do not come with antennae (feelers). You can add this realistic touch to your craw lures with soft monofiliment line and sewing needle. Cut about 10inches off line of the

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Swim Bait Storage

  payday loans in columbus gaunlike personaltechnicians lowering rate               Store swimbaits, extralong crank baits and large in-line spinner in empty tublar Crystal Lite drink mix containers. Use them by themselves or tape several together for storing multiple lures.

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Braided Line Users Beware

                    Braided User beware When using braided lin, be extra careful not to get any substance with a strong odor (gasoline, WD-40, insect reppent,ect) on the line, either by direct contact or by transferring it from your hands.

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Tiger Muskie Fingerlings Stocked

  pay advance no faxing       The Beaver River & Ohio River were stocked with Tiger Muskie fingerlings today. GRIP AND RIP

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East Brady Fishing Video

                                                  Video here

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Allegheny River Report 8/20/13

                We were on the water bright and early thinking I had the slight advantage to smallmouth for this trip. I was wrong…. One hookup on the rock pile right after the launch on a minnow but nothing of any

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Allegheny River Report 8-18-13

  loans for a home                     We got a late start in East Brady due to a work related issue and we were on the water by almost noon after sitting at the dock for awhile. We headed

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Erie: get there.

Fishing is very good out deep for walleye right now. If you can handle a little ride you can find some big fish to tangle with! Went out Thursday am with some campground buddies. We got into fish right off the bat, with 6 fish in about

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