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Monthly archive for August 2014

Muskie Hunt came up short

Greg P and I went out for Muskie hunt this morning at 7:30am on the Mon River but came up short. Odd day for us on the water due to conditions being ideal but no fish bite. I worked hard for a bite or follow but didn’t

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New Boat Motor Hood Decals

Since I’ve bought this boat the decals have slowly pealing off due to wear and tear. It’s been bothering for how the were pealing pictured above in the left hand side. The one side didn’t even have a Johnson sticker it peal was 95% pealed away. I

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Chartiers Creek Morning Report 8/17/14

Rolled out of bed around 7:30am and on my way to the bathroom I glanced out the bedroom window to see storm clouds moving in. Bummer… I was hoping to rip some lips this morning before my afternoon chores. I was thinking a run & gun trip

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Lily’s first fish!

And now there is no turning back! The little fishing machine can’t be stopped!!! Congrats lily!

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Happy Birthday Rory “Wang” Hanczar Special Happy Birthday to RF’s own Rory Hanczar – Hope you have a great day buddy.

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Dutch Fork Lake Report 8/8/14

I was ping ponging back in forth where I wanted my Friday evening fishing to be. The FishHead app was showing high flows and muddy conditions in East Brady all week so that options was out the window. Dutch Fork Lake is over recent had a face

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Float Trip on The Youghiogheny River – Hazelbakers Review

We met at Hazelbakers Canoe Rental at 9:30AM for our yearly Float Trip down the Youghiogheny River. Upon pull in we were greeted with a big crowed of people which seemed like a popular place to rental canoes and kayaks. If your google float trips on the Yough

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