img_2233Last years Annual Erie Trip Champion Doug stole the species lead from Ryan bye a dive. Doug edged out Ryan with a brown trout win to close out our annual Erie smallmouths trip. Doug is looking to take the lead early this year with aggressive casting. He hopes to dazzle Ryan’s head right away in hopes to lead to snags and down time.

“Last year I came out easy and let Ryan force mistakes that ultimately put him under pressure. Costly mistakes will haunt him this year.” – Doug

Ryan is no stranger to danger and is always working the shore lines aggressively looking for new fish.

“This year I will continue my aggressive shore line work and hope to beat down my competition with vulgar language in hopes to pull Doug off his game. Justin is new and I don’t see him as a threat for the cup in his rookie year.”  – Ryan

This is Justin’s first trip to Erie and all odds are stacked against him in his rookie year. It will be interesting to see what he throws out and how he handles the pressure on a late start early Friday morning.

“I can’t play into Ryan’s vulgar language and let it get into my head. I am here just to get my reps in and enjoy the trip. Rumors around the area say Doug will be passing out false tips so I have to stick to my game plan.”

– Justin (rookie)

Stay tuned to our social media for updates and our website this weekend for a trip recap and this years new champion.

Species Lead” consist of an angler catching the most dynamic breed of fish – in the event of a tie the numbers of rare species can force a win. This is all for fun.. Sorta!

Best of luck to the anglers!

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