The Art of Steelhead

Egg Fly Pattern

I have always felt that fishing and art have a strong connection. We admire the beauty of our catches and display them on our walls and social media accounts. One cannot look at a wild brookie without a sense of awe at the natural painted colors on these fish. It’s here in the still of the wild that many of us find inspiration in our creative lives. I try and take flies and create something that I hope connects emotionally with fishermen and other like minded people.


About a month ago I started a new painting to feature on this site as a thank you for Ryan for getting me my first taste of steelhead. We always remember everything about our firsts in life and catching a steelhead is no different. I will always remember everything about that catch from the brisk cold against my face, to the long and patient fight to how the slime felt on my hand. The day after I got home from my trip I knew I had to translate that experience some how. So I created this painting of a egg pattern.

Thank you