shad breaking water

This past winter was long and dreary bringing us record setting temperatures one has to wonder what are the effects on spring fishing with shad die offs in particular.

Chris Horton, Midwestern states director, Congressional Sportsmen Foundation

There is an upside to the winter shad kill in that predators, like bass, take full advantage of the situation and gorge themselves on the weak and dying prey. Its a perfect timing in that many bass will be fat and healthy going into spawn. From a fishing technique perspective, you probably wont notice much until late spring. If the kill was so server as a cause a bring drop in shad numbers there were no other major pelagic prey species, bass ambush specialists anyway and will simply rely more on other footage species like bluegill, sunfish, crayfish, ect. Post spawn bass can normally be found in open waters you should focus on shallow to deep covered areas because that spawning aggressive season will last longer than normal as the waters slowly warm up.

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