Can’t beat a good fish story!

How can you?

A fish story, or tale, lives on longer than you or I. Most are lies. Most stretch the truth. Most add some ‘facts’.

But when you are part of the story, you can see it replay in your head over and over. I still see the bass Ryan lost at Raccoon Lake. Always will.

Kellen has been a lifetime Reel Fish’n member. If he wasn’t so good at football, he would have replaced the dead weight of Jonathan and Rory as a founder. He has always been a fisherman, and a good one at that. Never have I gone fishing with him where we didn’t laugh ninety percent of the time.

He has been the source of our big fish pictures lately. Getting into trophy Muskie fishing, he has learned a ton about the techniques and patterns of catching the big boys. Every time my phone beeps with a message from him, I expect a photo of a beast.

It happened again today. While fishing a river, he got his personal best! An awesome fish. But back to the title. This was the texts I received with it. This one is true. No added facts today, unlike every fish tail Ryan has ever told. The texts…

“O ya 2 kids were fishing besides me for walleye and smallies. He sees me throwing big baits and says what are you fishing fo? I tell him Muskie and he asked if I caught a lot of them I said it all relative but compared to someone fishing for walleye or bass no. Next cast I rip one hahaha.

Good thing he was there……I rarely bring my net but I never fished this spot so I brought it just in case I set the hook and the kid goes do you have one I said yes grab the net for me I need you to net it !

He’s like what??!?!?!

I said I am going to lift his head put him in head first once he’s in lift the net……he was a natural….hook out he took pic and released……still super jazzed about it hahah….had a few hours to kill end up with my PB !

You never know till you go. ”

I wonder if that kid is telling the same story?!?!

Awesome fish, and great last message. You can’t catch them if you don’t go!

Keep em coming Kellen!

And to all,

“Keep It Reel”

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