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4/27/14 Sunday Fishing Washington County

  Ted and I waited for the sun to warm things up before we hit the streams on Sunday. I picked Ted up around 10am and we set off for Millers Run Creek but we found there was a running race going on at the park. There

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Erie trip

Slow day, but always a good time. Headed to Erie with nick and matt today. Started on crooked with some stained water. It’s a small stream and still couldn’t see the bottom, let alone the fish, Headed to elk at whitemans bridge and found some heavy slush.

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Ryan and I were able to sneak away Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning to wet a line for some cold steel. Headed to a small trib in western Erie, after seeing some low and clear conditions on elk. The smaller tribs are tough to fish, with spooking

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Erie Steelhead Trip 11/20/2013

                  Dad’s First Steelhead Trip I was shocked last when my Dad mentioned he would be intrested in bearing the Erie cold for a day and catch a Steelhead. IM sure the above fish is not what he had

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Erie Elk Creek Fishing Report 10-28-2013

  cash and check advances             Hit Elk Creek this morning and fished until later afternoon with a great day of fishing. Started and finished the day at Sertania fishing up from the Public Access area to KOA. Fish were thin in

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Elk Creek Rail Tubes Posted

  cash advances onlinepayday loan no checking account need cash now australia                 There are rumors flying around on the internet stating that Elk Creek Rail Road tubes (off of route 5) will be posted soon for private fishing investments.

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Slow Transition to Winter in Northeast

              Slow Transition to Winter in Northeast Reports from the Jillian MacMath, Staff Writer “As summertime nears its end, fall is just around the corner. The transition will be a mild one for the Northeast into November, while their neighbors in

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Ohio River Report 9/29/13

  florida pay day loansinformation makes   no credit check loans without bank account                   Hit the Ohio River out of the Killbuck ramp yesterday around noon till 4pm. It wasn’t an ideal time of day to fish the

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Shenango Lake winter pool draw down

                  Shenango Lake has started to let water out of the damn in preperating of the winter months coming. The current elevation is 894.59 feet which is just under summer pool (894.67). Sluice gates 2, 4 & 6 are open

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Walleye weekend

A last minute change to the work schedule allowed some Lake Erie walleye fishing the past few days. bad credit loans payback over time It was a good change. Perched fished to start things off. 50 fow just west of walnut brought thick numbers of fish but

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