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Snow Trout

Found some hungry cold trout this afternoon! Fished about two hours and landed 11, might be 12 but lost track at that point. Fish were in holes where water had great color but clear and good flow. All rainbows but a couple nice sized fish. All great

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Trout Report

Brrrrr…. Got my line wet and even found two hungry trout in the four holes I fished. Cold clear water and ice was the big problem. After getting the truck stuck in the snow I moved to a safer spot and walked a good ways. Two nice

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Erie, Steelhead Trip Recap 12-27-2012

    As you can see in the video fishing was nothing short of awesome. Was supposed to head to the Southern Shore to fish with Uncle John this weekend but the big storm that hit made us call off the trip. IM glad I got out

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Erie report

Old man winter and Mother Nature did a holiday dance, bringing tough fishing. Howling winds and early rains brought muddy waters and freezing hands. Only good news is the snow might help keep water in the streams for winter steel, a great time to be on the

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Erie Conditions not ready yet..

I have been getting alot of questions about Erie Steelhead fishing lately and I wanted to share some information. Although we had the super storm later October that brought alot of rain to the region, we did not see the steelhead run that we hoped. Yes there is

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Rough Erie Trip

Rough afternoon on the water. Started upper elk at koa and lots of guys and few fish! Checked 20 and reports were bad. Low and clear and few fish. Lots of cars too. Went to little 7 mile and found just a few fish but at least

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Brady’s Bend, Back home to fish…

Back home may seems confusing to some of you knowing IM from Oakdale all my life but fishing East Brady on the Upper Allegheny is where all my fishing madness started when I was 8 years old. Some of my greatest memories fishing are on these waters.

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