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Ford F150 meets Stratos Bass Boat

Finally the day of of 2014 bass boat season started yesterday  morning on the Ohio River at 7am.  I set my alarm clock for 5AM and after two cups of coffee, wiggling my boat out of my garage and triple checking I had everything for the first voyage

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Slippery Rock Creek Stocked Today 05/23/14

Slippery Rock Creek will be stocked today from Upper Limit: 1.2 km (0.75 miles) downstream Slippery Rock Road: Lat: 41.0223, Long: -80.0551 to Lower Limit: SR 422 Rose Point: Lat: 40.9694, Long: -80.1809. Meeting Place: Int. of SR19 & SR108 @ 11:00am if you would like to help with stocking. More info: Fish on!  

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Bass Fishing Tips for Slow Spring Season

This past winter was long and dreary bringing us record setting temperatures one has to wonder what are the effects on spring fishing with shad die offs in particular. Chris Horton, Midwestern states director, Congressional Sportsmen Foundation There is an upside to the winter shad kill in

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Pine Creek stocked twice today 05/12/14

Pine Creek  will be stocked today in TWO places from Upper Limit: MOUTH OF WILLOW RN:Lat: 40.5920, Long: -79.9722  to Lower Limit: ABANDON RR BRG T 575 AND DUNCA: Lat: 40.5684, Long: -79.9804. AND SR 0008 BRG IN ALLISON PARK: Lat: 40.5581, Long: -79.9609 to 100 M UPS OF ABANDONED RR BRG:Lat: 40.5295, Long: -79.9547.

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