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Field & Stream is OPEN

  online security that incorporate                 I visited Field & Stream shop last night and  it was very impressed the layout of this store and everything it offers. The store offers a wide range of brands that we normally as

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Happy Bday Rory

having those with

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Field & Stream Bass Tank

                Field and Stream came to Dicks HQ today to pay a visit. Yes I was front and center to see those hogs. Big bass that were super hungry. Pretty cool!

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Clean Up your Boat

                      Good Morning Anglers – lots of rainfall hit our local waterways yesterday prompting cancellations of weekend fishing trips. Today is a good day to clean up your boat or organize your tackle. What do you use

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Best times to fish with CrayFish

                      Great Article posted by BassMaster: February through May is the first major period of crawfish activity, based on geographic location. When the water temperature reaches approximately 50 degrees, crawfish emerge from rock crevices into the great

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Kirk’s Monster Sheepy

                      Kirk Mcmullen Monster Sheepy caught on the Mon River in Pittsburgh.  

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Herb’s Pikes

                        Brockville Canada St Larence River Nice catches Herb!

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Problem Solved – “Winch it”

  I bought my boat a month ago and its been a challenge each time I take it out to bring it back home. The length is about 18 foot with a 8 foot bow and weighing close to 2,000 lbs. I live in a small narrow

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RF Fleet adds a new vessel

find payday lenders     Nineteen years ago a friend of my uncles took me fishing on his Bass boat. As we zipped down the Allegheny River getting to our fishing spot fast (at the time seemed like the speed of light).  From then on I knew

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New fish cleaning table

Brent hooked RF Erie headquarters up with a nice new cleaning station! Once we, as in he, finishes plumbing, we will have a great spot to clean those big walleye and hundreds of perch!

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Our Mission

Promote fishing through education, awareness and bridge the gap to those being introduced into fishing. We specialize educating children and those in special needs about the great fishery in outdoors.

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