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Annual RF OBX Fishing Trip 3.0

Annual RF OBX Fishing Trip   3.0 OBX 2012 It’s that time of the year again! Summer solstice is upon us and the OBX fishing gods are calling for the RF team to head south. This year a different spin, venue, time set, new faces, but same objective… RIP FISH! The past

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Erie Smallmouth

Payday Loans Wiki getting approved they can Please Help Me Get A Loan Check out the message board, fishing reports for an Erie bass trip by Doug, Nick, and Steve-o, pictured above.,1330.0.html My first effort at a video is coming soon! Will not be Ryan’s quality

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RF instructional video on how to set minnow traps

                Ryan Ireland with Reel Fish’n goes through the process of setting minnow traps and what bait to use.

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Trout Season Continues!

                We are  far from sunset on this year’s trout season! With odd weather comes opportunity. Many fishermen with these cold temps have put the rod on the shelf for a bit. Now is a great time (while still gloomy)

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The Bestman – you decide!

  June 23rd, 2012.  It may seem like a normal Saturday to you, but to Julie, It’s called giving up.  In this website, we will give you an in depth, personal, and intimate look at Matthew George Kramer and Julie Gertrude Turkovich.  Through imagery and obvious comparison,

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