Dad's First Steelhead

Dad’s First Steelhead










Dad’s First Steelhead Trip

I was shocked last when my Dad mentioned he would be intrested in bearing the Erie cold for a day and catch a Steelhead. IM sure the above fish is not what he had in mind but atleast he got to feel one after a long day of fishing.


Ted texted me Tuesday afternoon and much to my surpirse he wa intrested in fishing Wednesday or Thursday. I figured he would be tied up at work atleast until after Thanksgiving so I was happy to hear he was avilable.

Ted and I deiceded to meet at my parents house at  6am and I would drive up from there. We planned to stop in Grove City for breakfast and let the morning frost burn off before we got onto the stream. We went to Poor Richards first to bait up.


Mid 30’s to start the day with sunny skys. Great flow on Elk dropping as the day went on. Slightly murky water conditions from all the rain earlier in the week.


Fishing pressure was HIGH. I was hoping to see this lighter for a Wednesday but with it being in between Archery and Buck I think the crowds will be on the heavy side.  Its still early season for Steelhead despite the nice runs. I would say the first day of buck is the kick off. There was cars park everywhere. From the McKean hole the whole way down past Rick Road.


Fished Elk all day with a run and gun approach. WE didnt stop for lunch and kept fishing all day but only landing 5 fish all day long between 3 anglers. Fish seemed to be sluggish and not pleantiful. All the rain we had over the weekend should have pushed fish all around but we werent able to find the big pods. The heavy angler traffic also prohibited me getting into my favorite spots. I had my Dad with me which was his first trip out and he did not have felt bottom waders. I felt bad covering alot more terrain like I normally do. He was having trouble walking through the creek without the felt bottoms and polarized glasses.

I didn’t have a temp guage but the water was pretty cold.  We noodle rod fished this trip –  I had my fly rod packed but I didn’t use.

Baits: Egg Patterns were the ticket. Single Eggs and Sacs.

I had zero luck with live minnnows and any other minnow patterns.

The conditions were ideal and my only complaint would be water clairty but I would say today should be perfect.

Come this weekend fishing should be good but snow showers are on the way. The weather is going to drop into the 20’s so bundle up!

Dad on Elk

Dad on Elk









































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  1. Got my password out of the bank vault to get logged in here
    Had a great time fishing with Rick, I just love to take people fishing for their first time for steelhead.
    What a beautiful day weather wise. The fishing crowd on the creeks showed that.
    You won’t find to many people out fishing the tribs in the months to come.
    I hope that Rick will go fishing with us again now that he has one trip under his belt and the leaning curve won’t be as great .there is a lot of information to take in.
    First and formost don’t fall in

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