Erie trip

Slow day, but always a good time.

Headed to Erie with nick and matt today. Started on crooked with some stained water. It’s a small stream and still couldn’t see the bottom, let alone the fish,

Headed to elk at whitemans bridge and found some heavy slush. Not sure where that much slush was coming from. It ruined the drift and made fishing very tough. We should have never gotten out of the truck there.

Headed to upper elk and found zero slush. Not even an ice cube! Color was perfect! Low water but green to where you could not see bottom of holes. We should have crushed em!!!

I think low numbers were to blame for the rough day. When we saw a fish flash or move and could pin em down, we caught one or had a good hookup.

Single eggs worked best, and we tried sacs. I think minnows would have been a great option too with that color.

We all got into fish, and was nice to get out in some fresh air. I don’t recommend a trip now unless other streams are producing. Cold is suppose to return and steams may lock up.

Better than work!!!







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