Hit Erie with some buddies yesterday evening and again today. Trolled close to shore in 36 to 42 fow last evening and got 6 big walleye for in close. Only a few sheepshead mixed in, so back there in the am. Same as with Brent and matt, fishing changed overnight. No action there so Scott, ray, and I went deeper to 60 to 70 fow and had slow action. Got 2 or 3 trolling and a bonus steelie so decided to search for perch even though radio made it sound tough. They were right.

Perching sucked so we went deep in first trench to middle of it and set up. This was after noon and high sun, and ZERO wind or waves. Should be tough but fish didn’t care! We picked up 8 hogs before we had to come in for a day and a storm coming. We were getting a fish every ten minutes or less.

If we had another hr we would have boxed out w 18. Purple and pink were hot colors and kept coming back. 76 fow. 2 mph. Reef runners 200 and 125 both clean and both worked. We had fun and got ten nice fish today to enjoy at a later fish fry!

Was a NE hard wind that blew cold water into the shallows. Water temp dropped 8 degrees! Found the warmer waters out deep and think that helped. Good luck this holiday weekend. Fish tomorrow…. It’s free!





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