Castle strikes!

Fished across the street for some fall trout. Got my first native, a beautiful little brownie. Awesome markings on it. Let it go quickly to grow bigger! Two casts later a nice rainbow. Strong red colorings down its side. I actually said “wow” bringing it in. Pretty sure no one heard me.

Walked a bit further down stream and saw some nice leaves but no fish. Came back to hole where I got the other two and got another rainbow to finish the hour of fishing.

Yes it is archery season but don’t put the rods away yet! Fall has some great fishing with no crowds and beautiful fish.

Eggs took the fish with light line and a small float.

I DID try to get a picture of the bows but first I dropped into water and second was hooked deep and I wanted it in water asap. Sorry Rye. iPhone will fix that!!

Good fishing and “Keep It Reel”

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  1. added a photo that is NOT doug’s brownie but one from the past. HAHAA

    Nice work Ray – Castle Strikes. Love the post!

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