1123121106Fishing friends in warm places

is how the saying goes I guess. In the dead of the winter when cabin fever is deeper than it can go you have friends that have access to places you dream about. Larry Crowe a friend of Reel Fish’n has access to great fishing in Florida when he gets tired of this cold weather in PA. I hit the Outlook button on my computer and watch the LOADING button. New mail from Larry with a attachment. I open it and about spit my coffee all over the table as he holds this nice 10lb Large-mouth with a big shitty ass grin. We tell him about our excitement of 50 degree weather coming this weekend and hope to venture out to find some stocked trout. Larry replies with his recent trip and says he hopes we find something similar to “warm our hearts.”

Thanks Larry, we can only hope to find a lunker trout this weekend but you my friend get the two thumbs up from RF for that one.

Keep busy & Prepare

Even though the dead of the winter has set in and cabin fever is deep, its a good time to organize gear and prep for a weather break in the action. The weather this weekend will make its way up into the 50’s and hopefully fish will get the urge to feed. Justin and I plan to hit the water ways Sunday in hope to find some stocked trout. We can only hope to be awarded with a hungry fish… let alone a trophy catch like Larry has.  Nice fish Larry!


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