Dose your wife or girl friend need ideas for what to get you for the holidays? Are you someone taxed with buying a gift for an angler and have no idea where to start? How about you are shopping for someone else and need to buy something for yourself?

In either case, Reel Fish’n is here to rescue you from the holiday gift giving stress and make that special person you are buying for happy with a keep it simple santa list.

1. Gift Voucher for Fishing License

The gift that keeps on giving. At some point you will need to renew your fishing license

Estimated Cost $20 to $60 range depending on your goal for the gift.


A gift voucher for a PA fishing license is something every angler will need at some point wheater they have a multi license or buy a year to year. Another option is to buy a gift card to a sporting goods store like Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart, etc that can be redeemed for a license through the store. Note: check with the store that this is available to do before your purchase.

2. GoPro / Camera Flexible Tripod

Most anglers own a tripod or some sort of digital camera to take photos.

Estimated Cost $5 to $10 on amazon



Anglers now a days are stepping it up with gadgets that on the water to capture great pictures and shots. This tripod gives a great way to get those shots when fishing alone or from different angles with its ability to latch onto most of anything. This gift has multiple purposes that can be used for other things than fishing.

3. Water Proof Phone Case

Outdoors sports are hard on our phones – a phone case is a great gift for a outdoorsman.

Estimated Cost $25 to $50



Sporty people need to do sporty things but having technology protected is important for saftey. An Otter box is a great solotion for those outdoorsman who are hard on their phones.

4. Line Spooler Organizer

This is a cheap inexpensive tool that every fishermen needs.

Estimated Cost $10



Plano makes a plastic tackle box that keeps fishing line organized and easy to spool reels.  You can find them at most sporting goods speciality shops or Amazon.

5. Wader Jacket

Wader jackets are a great tool to have in your gear rack and they can help minamize tackel.

Estimated Cost $60 to $100



Wader jackets provide protection from weather, lots of pockets for tackle and an additonal warmth layer over your body. Wader Jackets can be found at most fishing speciality shops online. LL BeanOrvis, FroggTogg.

6. GoPro Camera

What fishermen doesn’t love a action camera to capture the big ones.


Just about any electronic or sporting goods store sells a GoPro. You can find the best deals online so do some research to find you get the most bank for your buck.

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