Sunset on the Mon River

Sunset on the Mon River

You don’t get views like this every trip let alone weather like this in the first week of fall. All the jet skiers, tubers and party boats would agree who were taking full advantage of 82 degrees and clear sunny skies.

I left my house around 2:30pm after working on a GoPro mount in my garage for an hour. Pictured above you can see the end product that I came up with. I was looking for a long pole that I could mount my GoPro on to capture video and pictures when IM on the boat. The first test run worked out great and IM happy with what I came up with.  A few minor tweaks and I’ll be set for next trip.

I got on the water around 4pm and found that it was no different than heading out on the 4th of July. Recreation boats everywhere zooming up and down the river.  Some big yacht boats that had some big wakes.

I stopped by Gander Mountain on my way down to grab minnows, but they were out of shiners. They did have flatheads, but I was disappointed about the shinners. I think I would have caught alot more fish if I had shiners.

I worked the shorelines and structure areas catching all smallmouths and one catfish that fought like a SOB.

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Above is a picture from the GoPro Mount. I wish I had more time to fish that evening. I came back to the dock at dark. Muskie or something else was feeding on shad in the shallows by the dock. It was pretty cool sight to see.

I also got my trailer lights fixed last week after $230 bill. When I bought the boat I had issues right out of the gate and spent two seasons with one break light. Knowing Kramer is out there lingering the highways … it was time to get them fixed. 🙂

Here’s a quick video example of the mount for videos:



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