Kayak Perception Sport

I bought this Perception Kayak a few weeks ago and I was really excited about it. I mounted my GoPro mounts on the front and back with high expectations for this craft.

Today I took it out for its maden voyage on Cannonsburg Lake just to get used to it before I took it out on bigger water this weekend.

Disappointed and crabby 

This craft did not live up to expectations I was hoping for. Its a great Kayak if you are in the market for a cheap and inexpensive route to catch fish on a Kayak.




  • Not sturdy
  • Cannot stand up or neal down like I was looking for
  • It takes on water in the front where you feet and calves are. The water quickly drains when you take it out but its a “wet” kayak. You can buy plugs for this but I hear they still leak. I found on the internet they are call “Scupper Plugs
  • The seat is to low to the water making it hard to pin point fish.
  • My back started to hurt after awhile


Water hole fills up quick.

Water hole fills up quick.









I learned alot today on this trip but I there is still more investigation work. Luckily I have some friends that are hard core YAK fishermen that will be able to help point me in the direction of a good purchase.

If you are looking to take YAK fishing seriously I recommend you do your homework. Buying a YAK from your local sporting good store may not give you what you need in the end.

Check out this website – these guys know what they are doing: http://www.kayak-anglers.com/

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