100_1266Sitting at the table full of 6 friends last night celebrating a long work week I began my mental checkout. Pulled up my iphone to check the 7 days forecast for next weeks weather leading into opening day. The obsession seems to fill my thoughts about a week out before opening day. I start looking at conditions, tackle, and the two day fishing bender that I am about to embark on. I normally start text chains with friends to see what everyone’s plans are. This year we are planning to fish at my camp (SSC) on Dutch Fork Creek. Doug is planning to come fish the morning with Ted and I. Possible showings from Justin and the Hanczar’s.

So whats all the build up? It’s just opening day of trout….


  • Opening day, is when I officially kick off my fishing season for the year.
  • Opening day, is a double digit fish day.
  • Opening day, is about having your gear organized for the season.
  • Opening day, brings out even the most novice fishermen.
  • Opening day, is when I enjoy stocking up my small beer cooler and buy shitty food.
  • Opening day, is when Ted cooks his famous hot sausage for the guys at camp.
  • Opening day, is when most some fishermen break the law. Multiple limits… “I got my limit by 8:15am. Dropped it off a the truck and went back for another.” RIP TUBS
  • Opening day weather is either raining or hot as hell with full of sun.
  • Opening day, is a day I normally have beer before 10am.
  • Opening day, I wake up at the crack ass of dawn but can’t get my line in the water till 8am.
  • Opening day, is a day I like to move around and fish multiple water ways.
  • Opening day, is day my wife will never try to schedule something for us to do. It’s my day.
  • Opening day, is the day you catch a butt load of trout but hope for a bass to get the species lead.
  • Opening day, is all about getting your line wet and enjoying the day.

Happy First Day of Trout everyone!



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