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Tuesday’s rain started with mean looking thunder heads from the south with my morning coffee. I saw it coming from the back window of the house and by the time I got back from the gym it was here. It rained and stormed most of the morning and around lunch time it broke up enough for me to get the fishing bug. After lunch Suzy, Chrissy and myself took a ride down the beach to Janette’s Pier to fish around the pillars from the surf.

I baited up our rods with Shrimps right off the bat but we didn’t catch anything. The surf was muddy brown made me feel like I was fishing in Chartiers Creek. After a few casts I had the little pompano following me in and stealing my bait as fast as I could bait it. The beach patrol stopped by to let us know a big storm cell was coming and we should consider the advisory to leave the beach. As I was rebaiting my line and watching the thunder heads roll in I thought I better cast a few more and get the girls out of there. Sure as shit I caught a flounder on Squid so I thought the storm front was going to bring us some luck. The flounder brought morale up high for the girls but it never lived up to expectations. As you can see by the photo above the storms rolled in and beat us up. We ended up leaving before it got much worse and relaxed the remaining of the afternoon.

When I talked to the guy at the bait store he promised some better wather the rest of the week with changing winds.  Lets hope he is right as I plan on getting up early to fish.

Here’s a picture of a storm front that passed over the house this evening.

Nages Head

Nages Head















130 Likes like a BOSS! one last note is that you will see the Stache on the beach early in the morning.  Thanks for all the support in telling SUZY I can keep this beast.  It’s brought me fishing LUCK in the past.

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