Hatch Charts

Pennsylvania Hatch Chart

This is a brief list of the many thousands of hatches that are found across Pennsylvania. All dates and time are approximations. Sun, clouds, rain, and temperatures can have a wide range of effects on the timing of all hatches. The first occurrence of most hatches generally start in the southern part of the state and then work there way north.
Hatch Common NameHook Size Start DateLatin Name 
Little Blue Winged Olive16-2015-MarEphemerella & Baetis
Blue Quill16-1817-AprParaleptophlebia adoptiva
Quill Gordon12-1417-AprEpeorus pleuralis
Hendrickson Female1219-AprEphemerella subvaria
Red Quill Male1419-AprEphemerella subvaria
Sulphurs14-1610-MayEphemerella rotunda, dorthea, & others
March Brown10-1212-MayStenonema vicarium
Gray Fox10-1212-MayStenonema fuscum
Light Cahill1418-MayStenacron
Blue Winged Olive14-1820-MayBaetidae
Green Drake8-1024-MayEphemera guttulata
Brown Drake10-1426-MayEphemera simulans
Slate Drake12-1426-MayIsonychia bicolor & sadleri
Trico20-2415-JulTricorythodes stygiatus
White Fly10-14Early AugustEphoron lekon
Slate Drake12-14August-OctoberIsonychia


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