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Ryan's New Bass Boat

Ryan’s New Bass Boat



Nineteen years ago a friend of my uncles took me fishing on his Bass boat. As we zipped down the Allegheny River getting to our fishing spot fast (at the time seemed like the speed of light).  From then on I knew I wanted a Bass Boat just like that one. I wanted the option to go fast and get to and back where I wanted at the “speed of light”. Ha ha Ha Ha Ha

Lets be realistic here, 115HP Johnson motor isn’t going to get me up and down the river at the speed of light but it will do around 55mph which is fine with me. The boat stats at 17’8 feet loaded with two Depth Finders, GPS, 2 Live wells and plenty of storage space. Enough room and gadgets for me to hoard all my fishing gear in.

I picked up the boa yesterday and it wasn’t all bells and whistles at first. There was a point in short term ownership of my vessel that I thought it would no sooner be for sale that evening.  The boat measures at exactly 21ft when on the trailer with the motor trimmed down. My garage is exactly 22ft deep and about 110 wide with all the storage I have. The length of the boat fit good but width was the issue and I had to thread the needle.  Check out the pictures below of how much room I have now in the garage. Looks like I need to PURGE again.

photo (21)

photo (19)


The tongue is going to need some modification in order to give me some more room in the garage. IM going to to install a Fulton swing away tongue in the next few weeks to gain some room.

Boat fits

Boat fits


Next post will be the maiden voyage. More to come!

fish on!

– Ryan

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