Slow Transition to Winter in Northeast

Reports from the Jillian MacMath, Staff Writer

“As summertime nears its end, fall is just around the corner. The transition will be a mild one for the Northeast into November, while their neighbors in the Midwest and Ohio Valley will be in for a early frost/freeze and some snow.”

“The transition from summer to fall will be a breeze for the Northeast as temperatures will average above normal for the region. Through September and October, temperatures will average 2 to 3 degrees above normal in upstate New York and New England.

Late September could yield a chilly period but the cold that will stay in place through the winter will not return until later in November.

“November will mostly likely be the coldest month, compared to normal, for the fall season,” Expert Senior Meteorologist and head of the Long-Range Forecasting Team, Paul Pastelok said.

Similar to last year, this could bring snow for the interior Northeast at some point during the month. If the timing is right, it could fall in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and possibly even D.C. to New York City, according to Pastelok.

Snow produced early in the season is often heavy and wet, and can result in power outages when it piles on trees that haven’t yet lost all of their leaves.

The ski season could be ‘a bit rough’ for the region, but the best prospects for a weekend on the slopes will fall around the Thanksgiving holiday.

Come December, temperatures will again trend warmer than normal, making a significant snow event less likely.”

What does this mean for us?

PA Fishermen can expect longer fishing season into fall but slower runs of Steelhead if the temps don’t fall.  The Northeast looks to get some rain but if the temps don’t fall it will bring sub par runs of steelhead.

This will give comfrontable fall fishing weather for Trout anglers and anyone targeting smallies in the Pittsburgh region.

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