Ryan and I were able to sneak away Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning to wet a line for some cold steel.

Headed to a small trib in western Erie, after seeing some low and clear conditions on elk. The smaller tribs are tough to fish, with spooking fish an often outcome. We fished single eggs and minnows, and it was an all egg show. More fish than expected, and good times! Fish in brush, holes, and were active. Small presentations were key. Mix of old and fresher fish.

Went to elk just before dark to scout for Tuesday. We each caught a fish in the faster holes that had shale edges. Fish would hold tight to the edge and be tough to see and target. Don’t skip a hole just cause you can’t see em!

We returned to elk at whitmans bridge Tuesday morning. Again, tough to see fish but once we hooked one, you could see the numbers were better than expected. Again, all eggs. Very low and clear water. Ryan was on fire early until he made the fatal error of getting his hands wet. Game over. I came roaring back and finished strong with a nice little fat brown trout while Ryan quit to warm up. He did well since it was cold! Shore ice was starting to form during the day.

Best part: we saw very light fishing pressure. Very very light. Good times had by both of us. A good trip!!!





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