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Fly Emergences Dates

  • April 18th – Blue Quill
  • April 24th – Red Quill
  • May 8th – P&K Olive Quill
  • May 13th – Black Quill
  • May 15th – Light Cahill
  • May 18th – March Brown
  • May 20th – Pale Evening Duni
  • May 20th – Brown Drake
  • May 22nd – Olive Dry
  • May 25th – Olive Dry
  • May25th – Green Drake
  • May 25th – Ginger Quill
  • May 27th – Iron Blue Dunn
  • May 30th – Brown Quill
  • June 18th – June Drake
  • June 25th – Yellow May
  • July 1st – Yellow Drake

Our Goal

Provide you with the tools that you need to hit the water once you shutdown your computer. If you have ideas that you would like to see that we don't have, email us! We are focused on the members and making it a great fishing experience for you! Thanks for stopping by and making RF #1 Pittsburgh Fishing Resource Website.

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