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Erie trip

Slow day, but always a good time. Headed to Erie with nick and matt today. Started on crooked with some stained water. It’s a small stream and still couldn’t see the bottom, let alone the fish, Headed to elk at whitemans bridge and found some heavy slush.

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Erie report

Lake Erie report: fish are high in water column… 25 and up! Fish are in 60s to 70s on south side of trench. Best seemed upper 60s on lip. Some reports on fish still in 40s and 50s. Seems fish are all over just high in the

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Pounding Holes

Check out the message board for all the photos from Jared and his ice Fish’n crew! Lots of great shots and fish!

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NE RF ice crew strikes again!

Jared and crew brought some more big bass to the ice this weekend! Sunny skies and frozen lakes! Fish on! WWW.LIMOLABS.COM/QQ2/SCRIPTS/payday loans in pennsylvania

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Our Mission

Promote fishing through education, awareness and bridge the gap to those being introduced into fishing. We specialize educating children and those in special needs about the great fishery in outdoors.

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