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OBX Trip – Post Hurricane Florence

Hurricane going to cancel our trip? The leading into our trip to OBX was stressful.  I watched many news outlets and like most… felt our OBX trip was not going to happen. Every news outlet was predicting that OBX was going to get slammed by the Hurricane

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OBX Day Four – Final Trip Out

This post is alittle overdue but I still need to recap the days events. Plus I was talking to Doug over text and he reminded me that I need to do it (HI MB 🙂  ) Another early morning departure with same captain and first mate but

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OBX Day Three Off Shore Trip

The alarm was set for 4am but  I was up at 3:30 AM with a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee. I couldn’t sleep good and felt restless all night. I think I was anticipating a big day of fishing which it was.  We were on the water

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Boat Packed and Ready – Day Two

We didn’t go out for a test run as planned since the winds were ripping. We rigged the rest of our off shore tackle and prepped the boat for launch. We did take a trip back out to Red Drum and Teachers Lair to get bait and

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Prevent Rusty Hooks

  WWW.SCOLIOSISDOC.COM/2014/             If you are like most anglers, you use plastic bait boxes to hold your lures. Putting a wet lure back into this airtight container is a recipe for destroying new tackle. By drilling small holes in the sides and

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Back to reality

                  Back to work and reality has set it in that it will be another year before I get to visit the OBX shores. This year was different from ones in the past that fishing was not good for

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Rainy Tuesday

Tuesday’s rain started with mean looking thunder heads from the south with my morning coffee. I saw it coming from the back window of the house and by the time I got back from the gym it was here. It rained and stormed most of the morning

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Happy Labor Day in OBX

I didn’t rise and shine as early as yesterday due to a shaky start from mother nature. We had rain and a lot of wind to start the day that later died down to a great evening.  I grabbed a beer and sat on the top deck

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Settled in Sunday OBX

Laying in bed this morning around 5:30am I could hear the waves crashing and the segauls bitching. I tossed and turned for a solid 20minutes trying to fall back asleep and then I said screw it…  Time to fish. We got into Nagshead later in the afternoon

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Off to OBX

                Heading to OBX for a week and the weather is looking great. I plan on doing some surf fishing and the weather and all the reports look great. Early reports show Red Fish, Spanish Mackrel are hitting strong around

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