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May Rain, Sleet, Snow & Smallmouth

May Rain, Sleet, Snow and Smallmouth was on the menu this morning. A slight fog was coming off the top of the water along with caddis flies. The water temp was 62 degrees and the outside temperature was 36 degrees and windy. I stopped to get 4

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Erie smallmouth Recap

A yearly trip. Ryan and I look forward to the smallmouth runs of the Erie tribs all year long, even more than steelhead runs. This year the fever was contagious. RF blogger Justin got to join us to rip some solid lips. Ryan and I scouted Thursday

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Annual Erie Smallmouth Trip, Doug looking for gold

Last years Annual Erie Trip Champion Doug stole the species lead from Ryan bye a dive. Doug edged out Ryan with a brown trout win to close out our annual Erie smallmouths trip. Doug is looking to take the lead early this year with aggressive casting. He

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Allegheny River Report 8/20/13

                We were on the water bright and early thinking I had the slight advantage to smallmouth for this trip. I was wrong…. One hookup on the rock pile right after the launch on a minnow but nothing of any

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Allegheny River Report 8-18-13

  loans for a home                     We got a late start in East Brady due to a work related issue and we were on the water by almost noon after sitting at the dock for awhile. We headed

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Brent and I headed out to a local stream and chased a few smallmouth around. Water was very clear and that made fishing tougher. Got a few smaller smallmouth, and an odd catch largemouth. Some decent carp, sheepshead, and even catfish were seen swimming. No takers there.

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Mike Smallies with a Great Hat

  quick paydays online loan approval                   Mike Wagner is rocking his new RF Camo Series hat after his weigh in this past weekend.  Mike fishes in the Morann Bass Club and is having a great summer with these cooler

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Smallies on the Allegheny

Smallies were hitting last week on the Allegheny on lock 9 in Butler. All the rain we have been having I thought for sure conditions might be on the high side but they weren’t. Lock 9 has the water levels down so they can work on the

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Friday Quickie Friday afternoon Quickie!  The storms were moving in quick for me and I was out to do a recon trip. Fishing a new spot I found I was caucus with how far I went down stream not knowing my surroundings and a quickly approaching storm I didn’t want to get stuck.  Caught 4

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Smallies heating up!

Mark, Chris, and Bob are showing that the smallie action is heating up! With warmer temps and rains the fish will kik into high gear! Nice fish guys! loans for

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