Take me fishing, kid.

We’ve pushed the idea of “take a kid fishing” for a long time. Over 16 years actually.

April 8th, on our side of the state, was mentor trout day. With a youth, this was a perfect opportunity to hit the water, catch some fish, and make some memories. The kids might like it too.

Since it’s inception, I have joined some close friends and their children on this awesome day. This day keeps us close. This day gets me excited. This day is fun.

We fish Mckean county, and hit some easier access spots, where the buckets breed every spring. We know there are fish. Best part is, it seems not many others do.

This year a group was in our hole, where at 0800 we cast for the first fish award. Another beautiful part of mentor trout. No one is there to push you out. This group let us right in, the little ones to the easy safe spots, the older boys went across the stream.

Fishing started slow but no one cared. A move downstream paid off and bam! Fish on! We knocked some nice trout, and here comes the boys from the upper hole. Of course they are going to join us. A fish for me, a fish for you, a fish for him, a fish for her…. it’s all our fish! Laughs. Smiles. Fun.

Like many kid trips, we keep spots short. Lunch came 2 hours in. A change in scenery. Hot dogs!

We lost half the group. Thanks mom for planning something the one day of the year not to! But they had fun. We hugged goodbye. Till two weeks when we push old men out looking for a ‘limit’. Tough to let a girl outfish you, especially at 6.

Afternoon brought warming temps, and bright sunshine. A nice walk to a hole, which we shared with just an osprey. No one around. Some families out but there are so many trout you don’t have to worry or crowd. Cast away!

Many bows. One nice brown. Smiles. Laughs. Fun.

I think they took me. Thanks for taking me fishing, kids.


If you can. Mark the calendar now. It’s an awesome time. Thank you PAFBC. Don’t stop this. Ever.

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