April was a great month and one of my favorites to fish for trout. After opening day it feels like every day I am getting a calendar notification on my phone from our events page about a trout stocking near bye.  This past week & weekend I got out 3x in search for trout. I hit Montour Run Monday evening after work. Thunderstorms were in the area so I wasn’t sure how long I would get to fish.  Good news the storms never made it to where I was fishing. The bad news everyone had the same idea I did about evening fishing. Fresh off a state stocking and Forrest grove sportsman club stocking, the stream was packed with anglers from the water treatment plant most of the way up past the shooting range property. The wall area was holding a bunch of fish that was keeping the shore fishermen interests.Montour Run 4-2016

I walked up the trail to the sewage pipe that most of us are familiar with. The stream was super low and clear so I had to enter the area quietly. The right side of the stream had good flow and a few feet deep. (see picture) Trout were holding just off the slack side picking off bugs. My goal was to throw some brown flys, emergers and Red Quill’s but I never thought to turn over any rocks in the area due to how clear it was (sorry ted). I had a chub take the red quill and one trout hit before I eventually changed to glow bugs. The green and red glow bugs ended up catching me 6 trout before I called it a night. Walking down the trail back to my truck I couldn’t help to appreciate the nice fishery Montour Run has turned into. Although its not my favorite place to fish anyone more due to the pressure, its a great place to take a kid fishing.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon as I was in the garage prepping my gear for Saturday morning fishing with Ted & Timmy. I got the text from the wife saying she wasn’t feeling well and I am free to go fishing if I like.  Why not?! I quickly grabbed my gear and departed for Dutch Fork shortly after 4pm. I was limited with day light due to an overcast evening with rain in the area. I made quick work of my favorites spots on Dutch catching trout on glow bugs and red quills before I eventually a light rain came and dRyan_2016_4usk.  I was going to be back early in the morning to meet Ted and Timmy so I headed back up 79 to home but not before one more cast. Fish on!

Next morning I met Ted and Timmy at the SSC to gear up and hit the streams. Fishing started out slow for us and continued for most of the morning. Timmy was hitting rainbows on hit favorite fly “scrambled eggs and bacon” which I have no idea what that is. Ted seemed to know as they both looked at each other with a nod. I didn’t get it but he was targeting fish. I lost my last red quill the night before so I was out of ammo. I did have some luck on a brown emerger because I did notice some fish rising. Ted made a comment to me about not using split shots and I figured it was a good idea to try with a emerger fly. Emergers are flies that are hatching to the surface so not using a weight makes sense or in my head thats how I see it. Timmy had a busy morning and Ted and I were not connecting with many fish so it was time to relocate (gotta keep Ted happy). We moved down to the confluence of Buffalo and Dutch Fork that didn’t produce many fish. I hooked up on trout in the fast water on a glow bug shortly after we arrived. It gave us a hope but nothing seemed to come from it. Fishing was slow for the rest of the day which I blame the cold front making its way in later in the day. I tossed streamers hoping to find a aggressive trout wanting to follow and covered a lot of water, no luck. We called it a day around noon and I fished my way home catching a few more fish on my spinning gear.

It was a great week to get out and fish 3 times – I only wish I had more weeks like that. Always thankful to just be on the water and enjoy the great outdoors.


Keep It Reel,



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