Had a two day break from work to fish Erie. Today was going to be blown out so it was a one day fish. Still worth it.

Brent and I came up Sunday hoping for an evening trip. We had trailer work to do replacing a bunker rail. Looks great. Why not fix the other one?

Removed the wood, and oh no. Here comes the metal rail too!!! Major issue. We fix it very temporarily and drop it off at the great bait shop poor Richards. We should fix it first thing, but we had fishing to do!!! Off to the lake Brent, jake, and I go!!!

Wind was strong from south and a few heavy storms had lake a bit bumpy. We got a tip night before and decided to stay close. 30 to 35 fow produced for us! Bagley lures 100 back. Fish are high. We got 16 and one we had to throw back being under 15 inches. Overall size was smaller but still some nice fish mixed in.

We quit by noon to work on the trailer and were tired of white bass. Just needed two more! Took trailer to Boyers RV center in Erie. Highly recommend them!!! They squeezed me in knowing Margaret was floating in walnut creek. They fixed the trailer!!!

While waiting for it, why not go get the last two!?!? Went deep since lake laid down, and got last two in 55 to 60 fow. Limit out.

We went from near fatal catastrophe to a great day on the water.

Fish are all over! Shallow if lake is bumpy, 50 to 60 deeper, and soon should be heavy in the trenches. Fish on! Keep it reel and good luck!








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