A last minute change to the work schedule allowed some Lake Erie walleye fishing the past few days.

It was a good change.

Perched fished to start things off. 50 fow just west of walnut brought thick numbers of fish but size was mixed and two of three over rail went back. Got a quick limit and it set the tone for the coming days.

Sheila and Shawn joined me Friday evening for some walleye trolling. Went fished east of walnut in the 60s and got 7 eyes for the short troll.

Friday am kellen and Sheila joined in the slaughter. We got 21 before 11 am, with a few pigs mixed in the fish. Some smaller eyes makes me feel next year will be good too! Reef runners off boards w 4 oz weights 200 back brought the fish. Barbie color all weekend was the stud.

Nick and Logan showed up w his boat for the evening fish. Why change a good thing? Got 14 fish in 2 hrs. It was fast and furious!

Nick and Logan and I hit it early Sunday am with the crowds. Had a motor issue that cost prime time but that happens. Fish in upper 50s east of nut brought 12 fish. Sun came out early and slowed fishing but once clouds came fish turned on. Quit early to get Scott and Brian and we all headed out for the evening.

5 of us had to wait out some nasty storms but we made the call to go and were right. Weather was great! Fishing wasn’t. Only 2 eyes in the 2 hrs of trolling. Fish were there just prob messed up w storms and cold front.

Monday am Scott and Brian joined me for our last trip. First rod in water lasted 15 seconds!!! Fish on before I could even set the rod on the board! A big eye calmed my nerves of slow fishing night before. Got 13 eyes with good size before the lake got bumpy and we called it an early day.

Very few changes to the program brought fish every day. If weather can stay consistent fishing will remain hot. Fish were caught all over from reports from elk to lighthouse of presque isle. If you can, get out there!

A few steelhead reported but nothing too crazy so fish are not stacked yet to run.








  1. Wow Ray you smoked the fish. Nice work!

  2. Nice fish
    Good to see some kids on the boat
    Would be nice to get a seat on the boat before it gets put away
    Let the fall fishing begin

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