Week 2 Fish Friday – Heidelway Bar & Grill

Heidelway Bar & Grill

Heidelway Bar & Grill


Heidelway Bar & Grill claiming the “Biggest Fish Sandwich in Town”…


Which is located on a back street in Hidelburg. I stopped in right before lunch hoping to get a jump on the fish special before they ran out. I was the only one in the bar at the time so now issues with getting a quick order.






My favorite part of this dish was the French Fry’s which came out first. They were crispy with a good season of coating on them.

The environment was your typical bar with a nice TV setup. I will note the smell of cigarettes was pretty heavy which put a damper on the meal.

The fish was one of the bigger slices I have came across locally with a thick deep fried breading.

The tarter was ok and I was not fully impressed with this. It seemed like scoop of mayo with some cut pickles added into it.

  • Fish: B-
  • Fry/Chips: A
  • Tarter: C-
  • Overall Experience: C

I would have gave this a better rating if it didn’t smell like cigarette smoke. It was hard to enjoy a meal with the thick smell.

photo (2)

photo (1)





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