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East Brady Evening Fishing 7/6/14

Saturday evening was a late night for me – One of my very close childhood friends got married. I was in the wedding so it was a long day of having fun which ended up being a late night. I had planned all week to fish but

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Allegheny River Report 8/20/13

                We were on the water bright and early thinking I had the slight advantage to smallmouth for this trip. I was wrong…. One hookup on the rock pile right after the launch on a minnow but nothing of any

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Allegheny River Report 8-18-13

  loans for a home                     We got a late start in East Brady due to a work related issue and we were on the water by almost noon after sitting at the dock for awhile. We headed

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Weekend Monongahela River Report

  Launched the boat in South Side (Birmingham Bridge) Sunday morning around 10am with my Dad. This was the first time I have used the South Side location boat ramp. Launching was no issue since it was still early but coming back in the afternoon was a challenge.

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Smallies on the Allegheny

Smallies were hitting last week on the Allegheny on lock 9 in Butler. All the rain we have been having I thought for sure conditions might be on the high side but they weren’t. Lock 9 has the water levels down so they can work on the

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Brady’s Bend, Back home to fish…

Back home may seems confusing to some of you knowing IM from Oakdale all my life but fishing East Brady on the Upper Allegheny is where all my fishing madness started when I was 8 years old. Some of my greatest memories fishing are on these waters.

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