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Reel Fish’n began as a dream. Ryan, Rory, Doug, and Jonathan loved to fish, so in high school, we created a fishing forum to talk fishing with each other, and anyone who would join in. Reel Fishing (in the beginning) grew quickly with members joining daily. Soon, a new site, name, Reel Fish’n, and more content took over as the new look. Members continued to join, to talk fishing together, learn tips, and help fellow fishermen and women, all free! Today Reel Fish’n has ‘slimmed’ down some, but still remains a great place to talk fishing.

Reel Fish'n

  • 10 Fishing Gift Ideas for Dad
    10 Fishing Gift Ideas for Dad
    June 17, 2015 by
    Spoil Dad With These Fishing Father’s Day Gifts Gift Card for Fishing License – Most sports retailers offer the ability to purchase fishing license through the store. Depending on the state you live in most states offer the purchase of fishing license online and will have a […]...
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  • Fishing Tackle Loaner Program
    Fishing Tackle Loaner Program
    May 24, 2015 by
    Fishing for Free Today? Don’t have a fishing rod and reel to hit the water? Checkout the link below for how to borrow a road and reel in PA. This program is a partnership between the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the American Sportfishing Association, and the […]...
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  • Uncle John's Elk Creek Campground Partnership
    Uncle John’s Elk Creek Campground Partnership
    May 23, 2015 by
    We are happy to announce we added another partnership to our arsenal with Uncle John’s Campground in Erie, Pennsylvania – If you are looking for a place to stay on your next fishing trip in Erie – Check them out! Lots of great things going on and […]...
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  • Steel City Flies Experince
    Steel City Flies Experince
    May 11, 2015 by
    I came across Steel City Flies via our instagram page. I was impressed with some of the flies he was posted and my box needed a reload. I wanted to find a local person to purchase flies through rather than spend money at a bigger outfitter. I was happy […]...
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  • Finally Back on the water
    Finally Back on the water
    April 7, 2015 by
    I agree its been way to long since my last post. Finally back to having fish slime on my hands after a few month hiatus.  Weather conditions in Pittsburgh kept me off the water for too long. Since my last post, I managed to get engagement and […]...
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  • 12/14/2014 Elk Creek Fishing Report
    12/14/2014 Elk Creek Fishing Report
    December 16, 2014 by
      Left Pittsburgh at 4:30am and headed straight for Poor Richards Bait shop to stock up on egg sacs, single eggs and streamers. Erie had more snow on the ground through Serritania than I  thought there was. Forecast was calling for a warm up with light rain […]...
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Coogley House
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Reel Fish'n

Our site provides you with the tools that you need to hit the water once you shutdown your computer. If you have ideas that you would like to see that we don't have, email us! We are focused on the members and making it a great fishing experience for you! Thanks for stopping by and making RF #1 Pittsburgh Fishing Resource Website.

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@ryereelfishn found a #lamprey on his #smallmouthbass on the #alleghenyriver #lampreyeel #rfinstagram #reelfishn The nonparasitic American Brook Lamprey (Lampetra appendix) has a broad range throughout the Midwest. In Pennsylvania it lives in streams in the northern section of the Allegheny River watershed and in the Genesee River and Lake Erie watersheds. In body structure, Lampreys are primitive fish. They and the marine Hagfishes are considered to be the only living representatives of the ancient jawless fishes. Their extinct relatives, the ostracoderms, were the first vertebrates to appear in the fossil record, about 500 million years ago. In Pennsylvania, Lampreys appeared in the fossil record 280 million years ago.
More #steelhead will start to show. #fishing #lakeerie #reelfishn #trout #fish #trolling #erie
If only they tasted as good as they fight! Or like #walleye ! #sheephead #freshwaterdrum #fishing #lakeerie #reelfishn #fish #trolling #erie

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