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Reel Fish’n began as a dream….

Ryan, Rory, Doug, and Jonathan  had such a passion for fishing that in high school, we created a fishing forum to talk fishing with each other, and anyone who would join in. Reel Fishing (in the beginning) grew quickly with members joining daily. Soon, a new site, name, Reel Fish’n, and more content took over as the new look. Members continued to join, to talk fishing together, learn tips, and help fellow fishermen and women, all free! We here at RF are a tight community dedicated to giving back to the sport of fishing through the .net world and giving fishermen a place to share thoughts, ideas and stories about their fishing trips. This site is set up to help you become better fishermen. Not only catch more fish, but have a better experience on the water.


Ryan is a native of Pittsburgh and has grown up fishing all around the area including some in coastal waterways up the east coast.  People often ask me whats my favorite species to target which I always find it very hard to answer. I really enjoy smallmouth bass fishing but I also have a great love for fly fishing for trout.

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Doug is a native of Pittsburgh and has grown up fishing all around the area.  Doug’s favorite fish to fish for are Steelhead while enjoying walks on Erie tributaries. When Doug isn’t working hard he likes to spend his time on Lake Erie fishing from his 19ft boat targeting Walleye, Perch, Small mouth & Steelhead. He also loves running our twitter account so send him a tweet!



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Justin is a native of Pittsburgh that has taken taken the Kayak fishing scene in a fierce way. He enjoys all aspects of fishing but his favorite fishing is out of his Yak chasing big bass in Western, PA waters.

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There is a lot I could tell you about Ted but less is likely better. He likes to keep a low profile on the inter-webs which is fine with us. We get to enjoy his company when on the water or when he’s cooking up a sweet meat loaf on a fishing trip. Ted has been a cornerstone to RF over the many years. We appreciate Ted’s insight and just overall close friendship to Reel Fish’n.


  1. This site is set up to help you, AND US!, become better fishermen and women. Not only catch more fish, but have a better experience on the water.

    To get the most out of this site, ask a few questions! We love to help those buying their first rod and reel, to those who have been around the waters of the world. We all can learn something!

  2. Really enjoy your site and you tubes. Question for all. Has anyone ever done any good around the Boyce and Mayview area. Worked down from the bridge by the office complex Sunday and didn’t do any good. Water seemed cold. Used left over minnows and red worms.

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