I came across this video about Asain Carpt that I wanted to share with you. I have never caught an Asain Carp but i’ve read much about these pain in the ass fish.

Carp are prolific breeders that can quickly overrun and wipe out entire aquatic ecosystems by eating the plankton that native species need to survive.
Carp have even been known to injure anglers by jumping several feet out of the water when startled by the noise of boat engines.

Now they’re making their way up the Ohio River, and that has Pennsylvania lawmakers and others concerned. One bipartisan effort would require the Corps of Engineers to work expeditiously to develop an action plan to stop carp from infiltrating the Great Lakes.

Efforts involving nets, poison and electric barriers already are underway, but those tools are crude, costly and they don’t always work, experts told Senate aides on Monday.
Conservation managers said they need better tools and testing that’s faster and more reliable. 20130918asian_carp_map600

That’s the goal of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, which is trying to keep a Lake Erie’s carp population from invading the Muskingum, Maumee and Sandusky rivers.
“Individual adult [carp] swimming around the lake is concerning but not alarming. Adults moving up to spawning areas [in the rivers] is disconcerting,” said John Navarro, assistant administrator of fisheries management and research for the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Southern catfish farmers first imported Asian carp to clean algae from their ponds. The plankton-eating fish also were used in sewage treatment plants.

They escaped those closed-water systems in the 1980s and made their way up the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

Here is a great video you should check out 


  1. Reel bad stuff here.
    It’s gonna be hard to get these fish under control

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