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5:30am my day started from the boot of Eat’N’ Park face down in 4 cups of coffee, 2 eggs over easy, 3 strips of bacon & hot stack of blueberry pancakes. Ya that happened…

All week I was watching the forecast  hoping all the rain we were getting would give me a window to fish Saturday morning. The rain let go Friday and the streams were able to relax and subside. The plan was to meet Teddy at Cecil Township building at 7:00am and fish for a few hours before he had to head home to do yard work.  Post warm breakfast and a full belly I was backed into my parking spot at Millers Run at 6:30am. I figured I would get my waders on and get a head start on Ted before he arrived. Above is a Brownie I landed among 4 others before 7:00am when I talked to Ted over text. Needless to say I went to the wrong location so I packed the truck up and headed up stream to where he was fishing. We caught a few then walked a large portion of the stream catching some fish along the way.

Urban Fishing Ted

Urban Fishing Ted

We spoke to a guy who lived local and was at the stocking the other day on the  stream. He gave us the low down on the stocking bucket distribution and about how many fish were discharged. Ted quickly took this info to his advantaged and dialed in some nice fish.

Fishing was decent and fun with Teddy but that stream is small and will get hit hard fast. Don’t use this report as “go fish Millers run” because IM definitely not saying that. By the time you read this most anglers in McDonald will have their limit so don’t waste your time. Plus Ted needs some fish to go after for a few days after work 🙂


Casual Ted

Casual Ted

Moving South after a few hours at Millers Run I went to Dutch Fork on a solo mission. Ted had yard work and I had 4 hours to burn which was better spent fishing. I stopped at the delayed harvest (artificial lures only) section which was just stocked recently.  Nice color of stream, creek was slightly up and murky but clearing as the day went on. Caught a few in the delayed harvest section before i headed up stream to camp. Caught a bunch of fish at the SSA camp on single eggs and meal worms. Two of those IM most proud of were Palominos. Luckily another club member was down there and was able to capture the smaller one but I had my GoPro for the others.



bigger golden – click pic for video

Overall it was one of the better trout days I have in awhile.  Close to 30 Trout caught and released. How can’t you say that when you catd 2 Golden Trout’s in one day?

Video of Bigger Golden:

Fish on!

– Ryan


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