Dad's Orvis Fly Fishing School 101

2 hours and you have the basic knowledge to get you on the stream, that was the goal of the day.

Meet at the Orvis Pittsburgh was the destination for my Dad and I. We planned to meet at 8am I told him and swing by Starbucks in the mall before we start. 8am Fly Fishing 101 started sharp with Sam and Tom. The tables and chairs had a Orvis Booklet, fly tying line, coupons and small box of sample flys. Sam gave us name tags and we wen’t around the table to introduce yourselves. After the the quick introductions we made our way to the outside parking deck to practice casting techniques and catch a parking lot fish.IMG_2488

Sam gave the group a break down on casting and taught the group good habits of casting. Tom passed out demo rods that had a big velcro fly on the end to wait the tip down for easy casting. Tom and Sam made their rounds around the group to help with casting form.  We migrated to cardboard fish replicas that where placed in a pile way out in front of us. The goal was to cast beyond the fish and strip cast back into the fish. I’ve been fly fishing for a few years and it was great practice for me and I enjoyed seeing my Dad develop his fly technique goals. The velcro boards are great idea and make it fun.

We headed back into the fly shop after a hour to go over the other side of fly fishing and lear what equipment we need to get us on the water. Sam talked about fly line understanding, basic flys and what equipment we needed on the water. We even learned how to tie a few knots which was great for my Dad to hear. The goal of the class was to give my Dad a basic understanding of fly fishing and enough information to get him on the the water.  Orvis was able to provide that for him today and get him started with no bad habits. If you are looking to try out fly fishing – give the 101 school a try!  Thanks Orvis Pittsburgh!

Did I mention it was free…

IMG_2499 IMG_2497

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