Ted and I left Robinson, PA 6am and headed up 79 north to Grove City for breakfast at Eat n Park. A quick breakfast and we were on our way to Erie for our first trip of the steelhead season. We fished Whiteman’s Bridge downstream and up and didn’t see hardly any fish. There was tons of anglers in the hole near the rail road bridge and some fish piled up but not worth wiggling my way in to the hole. I try to stay clear of the crowds but I did watch some anglers have luck on minnow patterns. We walked up stream to Girard Park where we met up with Riche but we didn’t many fish on the hike which was disappointing.

We moved to Serritania to Rick Road and it was the same result with limited fish. I did find some fish stacked up under a log but the drift was almost impossible. I was able to pull a small guy from under the log before spooking the hole and fish got lock jaw.

I had  great first day on the water with the guys despite the low fish numbers. We think we would have had a better day if we went lower on the stream but more crowds kept us away. Its early in the season and nothing but good things to come. Great way to get out and beat work for a day.

Here’s some pictures below: