1800447_10153193271590281_2536549566829143457_nI agree its been way to long since my last post. Finally back to having fish slime on my hands after a few month hiatus.  Weather conditions in Pittsburgh kept me off the water for too long. Since my last post, I managed to get engagement and plan a wedding all in time for the weather to break. So lets do this!

Managing the RF Facebook account the past few months has been painful. Im watching other local Pittsburgh pages fishing their faces off throughout the winter in between the freezing winter patterns. Some success for the guys that live closer to Erie and others sat and watched with me. Over the winter I took some time to learn more about fly fishing and the complexity that surrounds it.  I’ve grow to respect that aspect of the sport more and appreciate the avid fly fishermen friends Ted, Todd, Nick and newly Chris. I met Chris through a hockey group I play with and he’s educated me on what stuff for the upcoming season. I took at fly tying class that Orvis in Pittsburgh and really enjoyed it. I started collecting supplies and building up my fly fishing inventory. I plan to attack some local streams this spring with Chris.

Easter Sunday was a good day to get out weather wise and I figured the crowds would be low. The delayed harvest section of Dutch Fork Creek was stocked in March. I took my spinning gear in case the fly fishing wasn’t good for me but I was rewarded with a good trip. I still need to invest into some lighter gear for local streams but I used what I had for Erie. I had a 7wt Rod with 5wt line and tons of flys. I found pods of fish that were hitting mostly on beaded nymphs. I came across a pod of fish that were stacked up near the end of a hole (pic below). The area is covered with over hanging trees which made it tough for casting. I was able to flip the flys in around branches to pinpoint some fish. I had action most of the morning on various drifts.

Here is some shots from my trip. IM excited to get out more in the next few weeks.  Opening day is April 18th and I plan on fishing down at the SSC Sportsman Club. If you don’t already follow our instgram page – Make sure you do!  Doug has been posting some killer photos and will continue as trout fishing will get heavy for the RF team!

– Ryan

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