Great Lakes Ice


At 95% frozen, Lake Erie leads the Great Lakes in ice cover. It usually does. The shallow lake can freeze easier.

This is going to cause the Erie fishing season to return to historic patterns. I think the very early walleye bite will be backed up two weeks. The good near shore fishing will be a bit slower, but should be viable longer! The summer pattern will be about two to three weeks shorter.

This all depends on weather of course, where a fast warmup in spring can change everything. An iced covered lake is not a bad thing. Can help with hatch rates, and can keep water levels up. It also can shorten the PA fishing season though, which has been excellent the past several years. Warm water pushes fish east. Look to Ohio for a grata walleye year!

You heard it here at Reel Fish’n first!

The last bonus of a frozen lake? More time to ice fish!!

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