I didn’t rise and shine as early as yesterday due to a shaky start from mother nature. We had rain and a lot of wind to start the day that later died down to a great evening.  I grabbed a beer and sat on the top deck and watched all the beach goers enjoy the sun. I saw a black cloud in the water head south down the beach that was boiling with bait fish. I ran down to the house to grab my rod that was rigged up with a sting silver. Suzy asked what I was up to and as I replied running back up stairs off to the beach “The Spanish are coming!!!!”

I got down to the beach to find long board paddlers working their way through the schools of fish breaking them up. >>UGH<<

For the better part of the day this was something I was battling which was really crappy. Anytime a school of spanish come in close enough, they would quickly head the other direction before I could reach them. I did catch one keeper flounder on a sting silver which was odd.



photo (9)

In the evening Suzy and I took our beach chairs, beers, a fishing rod and some bait down to the surf. We caught tons of small pompano pictured above. They were hitting on fresh shrimp and squid. We pealed through a full bag of fresh shrimp in a hour in a half.

I took one of the smaller pompano’s and casted it out deep with my bigger rod. I never did get a bite on it.

Mickey sent me a text this evening saying fishing picked up for them. They caught a bunch of blues at the point but he didn’t mention what he caught them on.

Same weather patterns for tomorrow but I will get out to fish at some point.

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