Kinzua Castle here we come

Packing up the truck and heading North East for the weekend with my Dad, Doug, and Ted to the Kinzua Castle. A quick trip with fishing planned all day Saturday and back to Pittsburgh Sunday. IMG_3397Rain blanketed most of PA Thursday and Friday morning should open up some great fishing for Saturday. The streams appeared to get a bump which should provide us with great fishing Saturday. Thunderstorms will be scattered during the day Saturday but not a washout. My Dad (Rick) recently has taken up fly fishing and this will be his first trip out on the streams since his Orvis 101 class. He’s looking to get comfortable with his new setup and work on the basics. We hope to get him on top of some fish and enjoy the great outdoors that the Allegheny National Forrest provides. I am packing up my GoPro’s and DSLR cameras. Doug and I will provide some good insight to our fishery and video recaps. Keep an eye on our Social media accounts and trip recap when we get back here on the website. Ted has plans of tbone steaks for dinner tonight and hopefully some MeatLoaf dinner tomorrow. Ted always plans great meals for the trips. ¬†Doug is in charge of guiding the trip along with cold beers. He never lets us down!

Wish us luck – Fish on!

IMG_3411 IMG_3422IMG_3486 IMG_3490

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