Ninja Tactics: How to make split black


Ninja tactics or over kill..

When the fish bite is slow it can have numerous factors of why they won’t take your fly. Weather pattern, time of day, water temperature, wrong fly, bad casting or…. the color of your weight? Maybe! 🙂

Last night I took a crafty approach to convert the color of my weight from standard silver to jet black with house hold products. Thinking back to this past steelhead season I recall using black and green weights and having success. I normally use the silver bullets which I haven’t really noticed to cause issues for fish bite. This is a option for you to try and very easy to do.


  1. Put split shots into a tupperware container.
  2. Pour in Liquid Plummer or Drano to where the split shots are fully submerged under the drano.
  3. Let them sit for 24 hours
  4. Drain liquid plummer into sink (unclogging any hair, win win)
  5. Let the new black split shots dry on a paper towel.


Again this might be overkill but wanted to share this option with anyone who wants to give it a try.

Good luck & Keep It Reel!

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